Welcome to the Lincoln Reagan Society

The Lincoln Reagan Society is an organization dedicated to teaching old-fashioned communication techniques and to building a library of good stories.  The Society is an Indiana non-profit corporation that is seeking 501(c)(3) status.  While its mission is at its core political, it is not an organization for the promotion of particular candidates or parties.  Under its terms and conditions for posting information on the website, the Society reserves the right  to delete without warning any attempt to advocate for a party or a candidate.
The Society adheres to the principles of Conservatism as derived from Montesquieu, Hobbes, Burke, Lincoln, Hayek, von Mises, Buckley, Posner, and many others.  
While philosophers, professors, writers, and judges, especially those noted above, have done yeoman's work in writing the principles of the Conservative movement, the movement has become estranged from the popular literary circles.  Part of that estrangement has been the push by the literoti to push out the religious or the "stiff" or the "old" or whatever the definition of "not us" is at the moment.  The other part of the estrangement has been self-imposed.  Conservatives generally don't seek out the drug addicted, the psychologically challenged, or the non-sensical to have to dinner.  Would have invited the earless Van Gogh or the filthy Karl Marx into your home for dinner?  Conservatives tend to be a group that seeks a calm, peaceful home life.  (As with all human endeavors, the sins of man sometimes prevent and corrupt that goal in any family.)  The literoti usually are seeking to escape that.
This divergence of the Conservatives from the literoti has impoverished the Conservative movement and civilization at large.  The Society seeks to re-engage civilization as a whole using the tried and true techniques of the Great Midwesterns Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan by conveying the important ideas of the movement through easy-to-understand and easy-to-remember stories.
The great stories, like the parables and imagery of Jesus, convey great, complicated ideas by just referring to a story or the image.  We all know the camel through the eye of the needle.  We know the Good Samaritan.  We know Boys of the Point d'Hoc.
While Lincoln's stories are not commonly repeated in today's era, they offer a huge opportunity for us to reconnect with the origins of the Republican Party through its original advocate-in-chief.
The Society seeks to encourage writing stories, publishing stories, and researching existing stories. 
Equally important is to dissect the predominant literature for its themes and stories that lead to lives corrupted and destroyed.  To that end commentary, and even more importantly stories emphasizing the counter-thesis will be encouraged.
In the coming months, the Society will work to raise money to underwrite authorship, research, and compilation of existing stories.
Welcome to the new era in Conservative literature.

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